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Hello, dear friends!
Do you know how Christmas is celebrated?
Where was the custom of the Christmas tree invented?
In which countries Christmas is not a formal public holiday?
You can answer these questions if you read the article about Christmas.

May Day

Hello, guys! Answer the question, please. What interesting information have you learnt about May Day?
Can you enumerate the main idea that Jennifer Cutting describes in the movie?

You can read the article once again and visite this cite.


Dear friends, choose, please, the most horrific costume for you, and say why do you think so.

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Thanksgiving Day

Hello, student! There are many holidays celebrated in Canada and the USA. What do you know about Thanksgiving? How do people celebrate it? What festive dishes are there? It is interesting!

Read the article about Thanksgiving and answer the questions which you can see above.
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Saint Patrick's Day

Hello! There are a lot of holidays in Great Britain, and one of the most famous of them is Saint Patrick's Day. Having read some information about this holiday can you tell what you like the most about it - maybe, some facts or traditions?

You will learn more information when you read this article and visit this site.

Groundhog day

Dear friend, what do you know about the way of selebration Groundhog day? What do you know about traditions connected with Groundhog day? Have you watched the film about this holiday, which is called "Groundhog day"? Are the way of selebration shown well in the film.

You will learn more about Groundhog day if you read this article and visit this site.


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