пятница, 1 апреля 2011 г.

May Day

Hello, guys! Answer the question, please. What interesting information have you learnt about May Day?
Can you enumerate the main idea that Jennifer Cutting describes in the movie?

You can read the article once again and visite this cite.

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  1. To tell the truth, I've just heard something about this holiday several times. Now I can say that I know a lot. It was interesting to learn somethinf about the history of May Day. Besides, it was a surprise for me that it is still celebrated traditionally in May.

    I think that the main idea is to show the variety of dances, music and costumes of the holiday. Besides she is speking a lot about the history and the traditions of May Day.
    I enjoyed watching the movie! Thank you!

  2. Honestly, I though that such a day (I mean may day) is selebrated only in Russia, but now I see that I was wrong. I've learnet a lot of new about the way people selebrate the May Day:dancing around maypoles,'hobby horses', characters such as 'Robin Hood' and 'Jack in Green', making garlands, and Morris Dancing.
    I my opinion the main idea that Jennifer Cutting describes in the movie is that the May Day has a long history but in spite of that fact it is still selebrated just the same way as it was in the past, and as she said "the samepeople dansed the same Morris Dancing for nimber of years" I enjoyed that movie. Thank you.

  3. Now I can say that I knew nothing about May Day! And I am glad I've chosen this topic. It was interesting to learn the traditions of the holiday, about the ways it was celebrated in the past and it is celebrated now.And I liked the detailes about dancing most of all.
    So,I can say this was a great job!!